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XK7136 Machine Center

Product features

1.High-speed spinde unit, the frequency stepless speed regulation.
2.suits for any parts of the high-precision., automatical processing.

3.CNC control system could be optional world-wide    popularly
--GSK-980MDC or KND-100Mi/1000MACNC system.

4.optional magazine capacity  12 pieces or 16 pieces with BT40

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X-axis travel mm 900
Y-axis travel mm 360
Z-axis travel mm 460
Spindle nose to table mm 100-580
Spindle center to column guide-way face mm 460
Rapid Speed of X,Y, axis mm/min 5000
Rapid speed of Z axis mm/min 4000
Feeding speed mm/min 1-2000
Size of rotary table mm 1250X360
Max. loading capacity of rotary table KG 450
T-slot NO./with/distance of rotary table   3/18/80
Spindle max.speed rpm 6000
Main motor rated power KW 5.5
Spindle nose taper   BT40
Max.diameter of tools mm 100
Max.length of tools mm 200
Max.weight of tools KG 5
Time of changing tools s 6(Umbrella)/2(Round)
Positioning accuracy of X/Y/Z axis mm 0.02(GB)0.012(Real)
Re-positioning accuracy of X/Y/Z axis mm 0.012(GB)0.008(Real)
Pneumatic press mpa 0.6
N.W KG 2500
Overll dimension mm 2220X1850X2250

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