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X6332 Turret milling machine

Product features
Turret milling machine compact structure,
small size, high flexibility, milling head can
turn around 90 degrees, before and after
the rotation of 45 degrees

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The body uses high-grade cast iron, the artificial aging treatment after high precision, long life. Lifts are used rectangular guide, contact surface, rigid enough. After high-frequency processing and fine grinding, slide stickers, the movement accuracy and life expectancy. Spindle with chrome molybdenum alloy production, coupled with precision angular contact bearings, quenched and tempered and fine grinding, cutting force, high precision.

The main technical parameters X6332C X6332B
Spindle bore taper 7:24 ISO40(Stand/Lying down) 7:24 ISO40(Stand/Lying down)
Spindle travel(mm) 127(Stand) 150(Stand)
Spindle Sleeve Automatic Feeding Series and Range(mm/r) (3level)0.04/0.08/0/15 (3level)0.04/0.08/0/15
Spindle end to table distance(mm) 155-550(Stand) 155-550(Stand)
 Hanging beam trip(mm) 500 500
Distance from the center of the spindle hole to the bed surface(mm) 155-550(Stand) 0-300(Stand)
 Spindle hole center to work surface distance(mm) 0-350(
Lying down)
0-350(Lying down)
Spindle hole center to the rack plane distance(mm) 190(Lying down) 190 (Lying down)
 Spindle speed range(rpm) (16level)60-4540(Stand) (16 level)60-4540(Stand)
(12level)60-1350(Lying down) (12level)60-1350(Lying down)
working desk size(mm) 1370×320 1250×320
Workbench travel (portrait / horizontal / vertical)(mm) 800/320/400 600/320/300
Worktable longitudinal / horizontal maneuver feed speed(mm/min) (8lefel)22-555(Fast forward810) (8level)15-370(Fast forward540)
 Vertical lifting speed of the table(mm/min) 560 560
 Table T-slot (slot / width / spacing) 3/14/70 3/14/70
 main motor power(kw) 2.2(Stand)2.2(Lying down) 2.2(Stand)2.2(Lying down)
Worktable machine feed motor power(w) 750 750
 Lift machine lift motor power(w) 1100 1100
Cooling pump flow (l / min) 12 12
Dimensions(mm) 1720×1520×2225 1720×1520×2225
 Net weight / gross weight(kg) 1770/1900 1550/1650

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