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X6336 Turret milling machine

Product features

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Product Introduction and Uses:
The machine is a general-purpose metal cutting machine, with vertical and horizontal milling two functions, can be directly or through accessories to install a variety of cylindrical milling cutter, wafer cutter, forming cutter, end milling cutter and other tools, suitable for processing It is the ideal processing equipment for machinery manufacturing, mold, instrument, instrument, automobile, motorcycle and so on. It is the ideal processing equipment for the industry, such as plane, slope, groove and hole.

Main structural features:
1, the base, the fuselage, table, slide, lift and other major components are made of high-strength materials from casting, and by artificial aging treatment to ensure long-term stability of the machine.
2, vertical milling head configuration turret milling head, and the spindle is equipped with manual and micro-two feed mode, the milling head can be adjusted in the vertical plane ± 45 °, 180 ° in the horizontal plane, easy processing, accurate, Processing range. Horizontal spindle with energy consumption brake, brake torque, stop quickly and reliably.
3, the table longitudinal, horizontal manual feed, motor feed and motor fast forward three, motor feed can be obtained 8 different feed rate, to meet the different processing requirements; rapid feed can quickly reach the workpiece Processing location, processing convenience, fast, shorten the non-processing time.
4, lift lift Z can be achieved through manual and mobile two ways to achieve, and manual and mobile is interlocked, eliminating the insecurity.
5, the table X to the trip up to 1000mm, Y, Z guide rail for the wide rectangular guide, and X, Y, Z three-way guide by sub-audio quenching, precision grinding and scraping treatment, with forced lubrication, improve accuracy , To extend the service life of the machine.
6, manual lubrication device can be longitudinal, horizontal and vertical screw and guide rail for forced lubrication, reduce machine wear and ensure the efficient operation of the machine; the same time, the cooling system by adjusting the nozzle to change the size of the coolant flow to meet the different Of the processing needs.
7, the machine operating system through the arm hanging in the top left of the machine, ergonomic principles, easy to operate; operation panel are using visual symbol design, simple and intuitive.

Milling parameters


Spindle bore taper

7:24 ISO 50 (Lying down)

7:24 ISO 40 (Stand)

Distance from the center of the shaft to the tablemm


Horizontal distance from the center of the horizontal axis to the cantilever beam mm


Spindle speed range r/min


(12level)60-1800(Lying down)

working desk size mm


Table trip mm


Worktable longitudinal / horizontal maneuver feed speed mm/min

(8level)15-370(Fast forward540)

Worktable maneuvering speed mm/min


T-slot / (slot / width / pitch)


Hanging beam trip mm


main motor power kw

3.7(Stand)/4(Lying down)

Worktable motorized feed motor power w


Worktable motorized lift motor power w


Cooling pump motor power w


Cooling pump flow up / min


Dimensions mm


Net weight / gross weight kg


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