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X6232 Universal milling machine

Product features
Universal rotary head milling machine
foundation casting good rigidity, good
precision to maintain

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Structural features:
Spindle two head design, you can easily achieve legislation, horizontal milling conversion and any combination of space angle, but also make the rigidity than the three sections have a greater increase. Two sections of the head configuration of the precise positioning pin, to ensure that vertical and horizontal milling precision positioning, more convenient operation.

The main technical parameters  X6232
Spindle Taper Taper  7:24 ISO40
 Spindle end to work surface distance(mm)  110-490
Spindle center to column guide surface distance(mm)  0-500
 Spindle speed range(r/min)  35-1600
Vertical milling head rotation angle  360°
 working desk size(mm)  1250×320
Workbench travel (poWorktable longitudinal / horizontal maneuver feed speedrtrait / horizontal / vertical)(mm)  600/320/380
Worktable longitudinal / horizontal maneuver feed speed(mm/mi  22-555
Vertical lifting speed of the table(mm/min)  560
Table T-slot / width / spacing(mm)  3/14/70
 Main drive motor power(kw)  2.2
 Worktable motorized feed motor power(w)  750
Lift lift motor power(w)  750
Cooling pump motor power(w)  90
 Cooling pump flow (l / min)  25
Net weight / gross weight(kg)  1320/1420
 Dimensions(mm)  1700×1560×1730

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