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Parameter item X6136
 Spindle Taper Taper 7:24 ISO50
Spindle end to work surface distance (mm) 0-420
 Distance from the center of the spindle to the vertical guide surface of the bed (mm) 175
 Spindle speed range (r/min) 60-1800(12级)
working desk size (mm) 1500×360
 Workbench travel (portrait / horizontal / vertical) (mm) 1000/250/420
Worktable longitudinal / horizontal maneuver feed speed(mm/min) 22-555
Vertical lifting speed of the table (mm/min) 590
 Table T-slot / width / spacing(mm) 3/18/80
Hanging beam trip (mm) 500
 Main drive motor power(kw) 4
 Worktable motorized feed motor power (w) 750
 Lift lift motor power (w)  1100
Cooling pump motor power (w)  90
Cooling pump flow 25
Net weight / gross weight (kg)  2200/2400
Dimensions (mm) 1880×1700×1800

The table can turn around 45 °;
 Spindle steel is good, carrying capacity;
 Table X, Y, Z three-way gear drive automatic
 feed, X-direction travel 1000mm;
 Table guide sub - audio quenching,
  precision grinding;
 Manual lubrication device can be forced
 lubrication of the screw and guide rail;
 Can be configured special accessories:
  vertical milling head, to achieve vertical milling function.
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